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Power Campus Online Learning was started to serve the HomeSchool community. We have been serving the HomeSchool community in this capacity since 2015.  We offer an array of enrichment classes to fill in activities during the HomeSchooler's day. These classes are offered online through live web conferencing! We facilitate classes in subjects such as math, reading, history, literature, financial literacy,  Arabic, Spanish and more... Students enjoy the knowledge that is gained from these classes and they enjoy meeting students from all over the United States!


Additionally, Power Campus Online Learning has a division that focuses specifically on reading; Read 4 Power. Read 4 Power began as a local tutoring service for reading and writing. Now, students can get the help that they need in the comfort of their home; ONLINE! How awesome is that?!


Read 4 Power is an online coaching service that helps students to excel in reading. Whether students are struggling or needing an enrichment program, Read 4 Power is the right choice.


We believe that reading should be fun and engaging. We truly believe that all students can find their love for reading if they are paired with strong reading strategies and books of interest.  That has been a major component in assisting all of our struggling readers.  See you soon!



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Our Mission

Our mission is to make the homeschooling experience easier for busy homeschool parents by providing quality, engaging enrichment classes for their homeschoolers!  We believe that learning should be enjoyable.

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